The right tool for the right job.

Alfa iQ’s predictive models span the entire asset finance lifecycle, so you can be sure you’re making consistent, holistic decisions.

Credit decisioning

Boost auto-decisioning rates and reduce need for manual intervention.

Promote and demonstrate fairer lending.

Increase return on capital.

Delinquency prediction

Solve problems before they arise.

Intelligently prioritise your team’s efforts.

Enable  accurate, data-driven provisioning.

Portfolio analysis

Uncover hidden correlations. 

Find and mitigate concentration risk.


Optimise dealer performance and incentives.

Understand and target your Ideal Customer Profile.

Prioritise incoming leads.

Residual values

Understand your total exposure.

Optimise pricing.

Service, Maintenance & Repair (SMR)

Get a handle on hidden costs.

Identify overcharging.