Smarter, faster, fairer lending.

What happens when the world’s leading asset finance software joins forces with a world class AI team and a cutting-edge federated data platform?

Modern data analysis for modern asset finance

The value of an in-house AI team without the IT overhead.

Give your team machine learning superpowers.

Models which update automatically using the latest data.

Increase auto-decisioning rates and accuracy.

No one-size-fits-all

Powerful models customised to your business’s unique circumstances.

Move beyond simple scorecards to provide a personalised experience.

We sift through thousands of signals to harness the full predictive power of your data.

Tech that plays nice

Easy to integrate into existing workflows using RESTful APIs.

Built-in tools for model explainability and fairer lending.

Private and secure by design

Using our federated learning platform - an industry first - there’s no need to share your raw data - keep it on-prem or in your own cloud infrastructure.

Boost model performance  even further by joining the first federated learning network dedicated to asset finance.