AI for asset finance, delivered by experts in the field.

The intelligence platform for asset finance. Our models improve credit decisions, delinquency support, fraud detection and more.

Asset finance is evolving.

The digital transformation of financial services is in full swing and accelerating. Ambitious lenders want to deliver the best possible service to their customers, but struggle to make full use of the increasingly rich data at their disposal.

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Borrowers are evolving.

Business and retail customers now expect their digital experiences to be swift and efficient.

To meet this demand, finance providers need to improve the performance, efficiency and flexibility of their services by adopting modern technology solutions.

Decision-making is evolving.

Many existing data analysis methods, legacy risk scores, and simplistic scorecards are unable to extract the same predictive power from data as modern AI and machine learning methods.  ‘Digital Darwinism’ will see the organisations who embrace change emerging as the strongest and most resilient.

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Works in partnership with the world’s leading auto and equipment finance companies to build and deploy best-in-class machine-learning models and scorecards.

Accelerates your digital transformation journey.

Enables you to make better decisions and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Improves your customer’s experience.

Integrates seamlessly into your existing processes.

Enables fairer lending.

Delivers a unified set of models for a holistic view of your business.

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